Pilots Lounge

Our Pilots receive their ranks and type ratings according to flight hours:

Flight Student: 0hrs (C206)
Junior First Officer: 10hrs (C208,KODI) 
First Officer: 20hrs (C185,BN2) 
Junior Captain: 30hrs (BE58,B350) 
Captain: 50hrs (B190,JS41) 
Senior Captain: 120hrs (all aircraft)

When you hold the rank of Senior Captain you can apply for one of our management positions and run the airline with us together.

Pinboard for our pilots


You'll find up to date information about certain "jobs" or activities of Proflight Zambia VA.
You can "pin" infos, notes, etc. on the board which you want to share with our pilots.  

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VHF Noise for more realism during online flights

Have you every wanted to add more realism to your online communication with pilots or ATC?

Tired of listening to the clear voice coming out of your headphones?

It's history now! From now on you can have real VHF noise coming out of your headphones like real pilots or ATC hear it!

You will find detailed instructions how to add VHF noise to your online in-game communication by downloading the following PDF set-up guide (taken from an IVAO forum).

VHF Output Sound.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.2 MB