I just want to list a few things that you know how we operate and fly together.


1. I will sent you an activation link to activate your pilot profile at VAFinancials. This is the management

system we use to operate our airline.


2. Download the VAFS client. This client is the "heart" of our airline. You book, track and upload your flights

with it.


3. Are you a member of IVAO (www.ivao.aero)? If not I strongly recommend to register on IVAO to get into

real online flying with real ATC worldwide. You might also see some of our pilots departing, flying or



4. Your first flight

- Start FSX

- Start VAFS client and login with your username and password

- Choose a flight using the client (you can only see flights according to your rank)

- Choose dep. airport, aircraft and time as per flight plan (Time is in UTC!)

- Load your plane with cargo, pax and fuel using FSX and load the flight (engines must be off)

- Start flight on VAFS client

- Start your flight in FSX

- After landing taxi to parking and set parking brakes and switch the engines off

- The VAFS client uploads your flight records to your profile and shows you a flight summary

- Congratulations you have done your first flight!


5. You have to fly at least one (1) flight per month to stay active. Your first flight must be done within the

first two weeks


6. You start as flight student in a C206 and after 10 flight hours you'll be promoted to Junior FO. After 10

flight hours you'll also get full access to our download area with many custom build sceneries, a/c liveries

and much more.


7. Please register on our forum to get info's etc. All communication between our pilots is done through the

forum and private messaging (PM)


I hope that gives you a short overview about how we operate.


If you have any questions feel free to ask.