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Proflight Zambia Virtual Airline is a free of charge VA and was founded in June 2012. We are also the first VA in Zambia. We provide domestic and international flights from, to and within Zambia. Our flight plattforms are MS Flight Simulator X & 2004.


  • From June2012 until August 2015 we used the FS Airlines Management System to run our VA
  • From August 2015 until now we use VA Financials


We are NOT a real world airline therefore you can't book real world flights through or with us.

Our VA is based on the real world Proflight Zambia Airline but we are in NO way anyhow connected to the real world airline.


Proflight Zambia VA is Zambias leading airline to connect urban with rural areas and to provide quality and comfortable service to our clients. Many business people depend on our scheduled flights as well as tourists or game viewers.


Our active Proflight Zambia VA pilots have access to FSX aircraft liveries, photorealistic airport and airstrip sceneries as well as charts for some Zambian airports (currently for FLLI, FLLS, FLMF, FLND, FLKS).


We are also flying on IVAO and provide from time to time IVAO ATC coverage. It will depend on the amount of IVAO traffic from and to the airports.


We want to provide as much realism as possible through our photorealistic sceneries, aircraft repaints and flight schedules based on real world airlines, real world navigation charts as well as online ATC services on IVAO to our pilots.


Disclaimer: This website and all information on this site is for gaming purposes! NOT for real world flight!

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