The FIRST Virtual Airline in Zambia for MS Flight Simulator X & 2004

Our Airline is based on the Virtual Airlines Financials System - VA Financials

Proflight Zambia Virtual Airline is a free of charge VA and was founded in June 2012. We provide domestic and international flights from, to and within Zambia. Our flight plattforms are MS Flight Simulator X & 2004

We need experienced pilots!!!

Join us today!

We are flying online on IVAO.

Every Wednesday 1800z-2000z IVAO Online Evening for Zambia

ATC online status on IVAO for Zambia


All IVAO flights according to the chosen ICAO will be displayed live. You can change the ICAO Airport to see other traffic. (Full Screen Status Board here)

Some of our Sceneries
Some of our Sceneries